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                    Online courses? Books? or Healing Artwork?

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Blessings for your time!

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Welcome to this site, where I share my journey with the celestial realms, with you.  Here you will find some simple online courses, books, and blogs, to help you on your way! 

With an aim to help the dolphins in 2024.  All my profits of the dolphin journal and more will go to help Dolphins and Whales. 

Sending oodles of blessings! 

Carly xx

Find out more ...

If you looking to work with an experienced Medium, Spiritual healer, Author and Publisher, then get in touch to discuss further.

One to one sessions 

Everyone needs a helping hand at times, and that is what my one to one sessions are for. 

Open here for more or get it touch.

Make magic with your very own Amazon Journal

Look here for more information

on wotking with me to publish your unique channelled Journal. 

Opening here 

Online courses 

My Work ranges from sharing soul courses to help you expand, to helping you write your very first journal you can keep for you, or share with friends ...

Healing Art 

Check out my channelled Artwork, infused with Dragon energy, Angelic energy and more..

Open here for more or get it touch.

Check out my books and journals


Books are a passion of mine, and all available on Amazon. 

Link here to Amazon  

Opening here 

Online courses 

More online courses on Udemy 

Open here 

Golden Keys of Merlin Activation cards on sale now! 

Finally, I have always wanted my own oracle cards, and here I am happy to share with others for a small fee their energy. 22 cards. Full of energy, and healing.  I have a limited amount and when they are gone they are gone :)


Powerful Energies

Mary Magdelene, dragons and more..

For daily guidance 

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Blue velvet bag to hold these cards close 

Channelled by Carly 

£12.99 plus postage.  Email me to purchase.

32 page pdf guidance and Youtube guidance 

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