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Welcome to this Sacred Space

A place of peace and love is sent forward to you. 


At times we all need to feel that someone cares and love us, and here through my books, art and courses, I hope to do this.... You all have that loving Guide, and Angel..

And I assure you those loved ones over the other side, walk right beside you every day. ...

. ...

Carly Jane - Storyteller, Mystic, Flame Keeper, Past life Reader, Spiritual Healer,  Psychic Artist and Teacher......

I share my gifts with others, through online workshops, mentoring and my art work.  I live and breath a gifted life of connection and in 2024, I was gifted the Role of Divine Flame holder of the Light, by Mary Magdalene on my recent sacred time in Glastonbury. 

I am a successful instructor on Udemy, and just love to share spiritual inspiration and learning to others.  And Udemy has definately been the platform to enable this to be done.  

I have enjoyed channelling some books with Merlin and the dragons. All available here on Amazon.  

Book and journals are available on Amazon click here 

My sister site is The Lavender Spiritual Room.  Click here ..

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On Udemy Online learning..
Meet Master Voosloo, receive one of the Golden Seals of Atlantis. 

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The Master Attunement for Master Voosloo is here... and  Master Merlin invites you to learn about your connection with him and your guides. 

Link here for Master Merlin  £14.99

Link here for the Master Attunement with Master Voosloo 

Golden Keys of Merlin Activation cards on sale now! 


Flame keepers love oracle cards to keep their energies high.  I have channelled these cards just for you...  I have a limited amount and when they are gone they are gone :)  

* Tutorial is attached below, a free playlist on Youtube just for you...


Powerful Energies

Mary Magdelene, dragons and more..

For daily guidance.

Click here for a link & tutorial.


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Blue velvet bag to hold these cards close 

Channelled by Carly 

£12.99 plus postage.  Email me to purchase.

32 page pdf guidance and Youtube guidance 

Facebook Group 
"Spiritual Healing from the heart" 

A facebook group formed to share some healing just for you ..  Link here. 

Check out more online Udemy courses,
Angels, Dragons, Unicorns & more  here 

Do you love the Atlantean energies fo Master Thoth & Priestess Isis?

These are high vibrational exercises and attunements for £13.99 

Do you love Psychic Art? 

2024, Carly is focussing on Past Life artwork, and providing Divine amulets to kindred spirits. Limited availabliity through May, due to work commitments.   Or you need a black cat, ankh, excaliburs sword or dragon, for your altar. 

Pdfs are one of the easiest ways to receive your work, or buy a print. Priced between £9.99 - £40 for an original. 

Love Spiritual books? 
Check out my books on amazon .. or get in touch to write your own ..


Thanks for submitting!


Email for appts ..

Sister site 
The Lavender spiritual room  here 

Email for Certificates 

Enquiry for appts, art, or book writing 

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